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Intuitive, intelligent, and interleaved.

The only solution with seamless integration of slotting and picking, engineered within warehouse management.

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Set and re-set pick locations based on product demand, changing customer expectations and operational constraints.


Group items for rapid fulfillment and update placement based on sales trends and product variations.


Use product characteristics and velocity to calculate a relative value for each potential placement.

Aggregate values across products and compare millions of move combinations against user-configured strategies.
Configure multiple run strategies to ensure optimal configurations based on real-time picking patterns in the warehouse.

Manhattan Active®

Cloud native and designed entirely from microservices that automatically scale to meet performance demands.

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Use gamification to engage the workforce, increasing productivity and utilization.

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Actionable insights across every facility, every resource and all automation.

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Manhattan Active Slotting Optimization is the first and only solution with seamless integration of slotting moves and picking, engineered as part of the overall distribution center management. It uses applied intelligence to continuously optimize slotting, using seasonality, sales trends and product variations, while maintaining preferred-item sequencing and family groupings.

Manhattan Active Slotting Optimization is unified with warehouse management and labor management into a single application, which means no integration or modifications to ensure decisions are executed in the timeliest and most cost-effective manner. It automatically determines the best locations to locate inventory to increase workforce efficiency, shorten order fulfillment cycles and maximize throughput.

Your supply chain. Unified.
Unification of warehouse management, labor management and slotting optimization.
Warehouse Management
Command and control of all demand, supply, labor and automation across every facility in the network.
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Labor Management
Manage performance with gamification based on human motivational theory and consumer-oriented, mobile experiences
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Intelligently optimise every shipment in real time across all transportation options.
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Let’s start a distribution revolution.

“I can’t remember the last time I was so excited following a new product launch briefing. The new cloud architecture, new user interface, and significant advancements in optimization and employee engagement are wonderful.”

Steve Banker, VP of Supply Chain Management
ARC Advisory Group

The extraordinary ways the Manhattan Active WM combines industry-leading functionality with state-of-the-art technology. 
The most technologically and operationally advanced WMS ever created.

A cloud-native foundation for supply chain excellence.

The most intelligent approach to optimizing order fulfillment.

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