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Today’s stores are more than places to make a purchase. They are experiential showrooms, customer service centers and neighborhood fulfillment points that require a new generation of store solutions to sell, fulfill and engage anywhere. 

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Continuous access to innovation, with new features and updates released throughout the year.


Save the sale through personalized selling, with any device operating system or form factor.


Part of a single app experience for selling, clienteling, customer service, inventory management and fulfillment. 

Engineered to adapt rapidly to changing business and operational process and experience needs.
Cloud-native ensures sales and engagement continue, even when the network fails. 

Fully integrated text messaging for consistent digital communications with customers.

Your commerce. Unified.
Unification of order management, customer engagement, point of sale and store inventory & fulfillment.
Customer Engagement 
Real-time insights into how, when and where customers want to shop and communicate with your brand. 
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Order Management
Globally optimized visibility, promising and fulfillment, with omnichannel customer service.
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Store Inventory & Fulfillment
Robust, DC-quality inventory management and BOPIS, BORIS, ship from store and contactless curbside fulfillment.
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Manhattan Active

Cloud native and designed entirely from microservices that automatically scale to meet performance demands.

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Manhattan Point of Sale was built with Resilient Cloud technology to ensure that if the network fails, local point of sale clients continue to operate.

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WYSIWYG development environment to extend the data, services and user interface components of Manhattan Active solutions.

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Provide customers with expert support at key points along the shopping journey.

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With a need for store fulfillment offerings like buy online, pickup in-store, inventory accuracy within a fluid retail environment is vital.

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Designed for merchants and those managing promotions within retail brands, the application enables the creation of promotions within one or more organizations, and all selling channels.

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Press Release
Lamps Plus

“In just six months, Manhattan Associates has accomplished what it took a previous provider years to complete — and we’ve added significant new capabilities.”

—Clark Linstone, CFO for Lamps Plus.

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Podcast: Nucleus of Innovation
Are you Ready for Future Systems

In this episode, experts discuss what exactly you should consider when planning the next step in cloud operations for your organization.

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The extraordinary ways Manhattan Active Point of Sale unifies next-generation selling and engagement functionality through state-of-the-art technology.
Reimagining Your Store

Resilient Cloud Technology for Point of Sale 

Point of Sale RFP Template

Connect Product, Place and People

Point of Sale Buyer’s Guide 

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