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Mary has placed an order for same-day pick up.

The order is received by Manhattan Order Management, which has an enterprise-wide view of inventory and uses advanced optimization technology to to keep the same-day fulfillment promise to Mary profitably and ensure the item is available at the local store.


How does an order
management system work?


Our solution puts your customer at the center of your business and consolidates order information and transactions into one repository. Hundreds of complex calculations can now be made in an instant, based on real-time stock locations, availability and delivery needs, no matter how, where or when an order is made.

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83% of consumers say convenience while shopping is more important now than five years ago.

NRF Winter 2020 Consumer View

Order Fulfillment

Order management can fulfill the order two ways. It can prioritize it in the distribution center using advanced order streaming technology. Or it can leverage inventory in the store to get it to Mary on her terms, whether that is buy online, pickup in-store, curbside pickup or ship from store.

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A.) Fulfill from
a nearby store
B.) Fulfill from
the distribution center

Fulfill from a nearby store:

Since the order is fulfilled from store inventory, Manhattan Store Order Fulfillment instructs the associate to pick Mary’s item with optimal pick path guidance. The transaction data collected is processed using machine learning technology to improve forecasting accuracy and planning with Manhattan’s Demand Forecasting and Demand Planning Solution.

Learn how to effectively manage store inventory to fulfill online and in-store customers.

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Intelligent Order Management uses built-in algorithms and your inventory rules to prevent items with low stock levels to be purchased through ecommerce or click and collect. And when stock does need to be picked from the floor, you’ll be notified so that the items can be quickly located and removed from display.

Fulfill from the distribution center:

Manhattan Warehouse Management uses advanced order streaming technology to automatically increase the priority for the ecommerce order to ensure it gets to her in time. Our solution optimizes the workflow between robots and humans to pick and pack the item.

Eighty percent of companies surveyed by Manhattan agreed that automating aspects of order fulfillment is essential.

Forty percent of retailers use Manhattan Associates software for order fulfillment.


Order Pick Up

If Mary chose to pick up her order in the store, Manhattan Point of Sale (POS) and Manhattan Customer Engagement provide associates a 360-degree view of Mary’s history, preferences, and wishlists empowering timely and convenient customer service for any last minute adjustments.  When Mary arrives, she decides to add items to her purchase and Manhattan POS allows her to pay for it in one seamless transaction.

Access to a consumer's wish list can help associates make smart recommendations while the customer is in the store and ready to shop.



Your promise to Mary has been fulfilled. She is delighted that she was able to shop with you conveniently and on her terms.  Mary’s loyalty to your brand builds with each promise kept resulting in future orders. 
Delivering the omnichannel fulfillment experience is non-negotiable and can be different with each customer. A system with the flexibility to profitably tailor buying experiences to each customer is the difference between surviving and thriving.
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