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The last WMS you will ever buy.

It is versionless, with continuous access to new capabilities. It was born in the cloud, so when your business needs more, it automatically scales to match that need. It has been infused with intelligence to learn and adapt. It is engineered to be extended, to quickly and easily combine the power of your innovation with ours. Wherever you work, it works.

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Continuous access to innovation with new features and updates released throughout the year.


Setup and execution workflows are simple with step-by-step configuration wizards.


Applied intelligence empowers real-time distribution planning and optimisation for better, faster operational decisions.

Control the entire enterprise from a single app with unified command of fulfilment, labour, slotting and automation execution.
The first WMS to use gamification and behavioral science to inspire and self-motivate workers.
Your supply chain. Unified.
Unification of warehouse management, labour management and slotting optimisation.
Labour Management
Manage performance with gamification based on human motivational theory and consumer-oriented, mobile experiences
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Slotting Optimisation
Determine the best location to increase efficiency, shorten fulfilment cycles and maximise throughput.
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Manhattan Active®

Cloud native and designed entirely from microservices that automatically scale to meet performance demands.

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Use machine learning to optimally process retail, wholesale and direct demand simultaneously.

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Actionable insights across every facility, every resource and all automation.

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WES inside

Orchestrate man and machine, regardless of automation size, type or quantity

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Use gamification to engage the workforce, increasing productivity and utilisation.

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Seamless integration of slotting and picking in a single application

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Case Study
Pet Supplies Plus

“We needed a warehouse management solution with more frequent and easier access to updates and new features… a solution that could help us better respond to unexpected peaks in demand.”

Miles Tedder, COO, Pet Supplies Plus

“I can’t remember the last time I was so excited following a new product launch briefing. The new cloud architecture, new user interface, and significant advancements in optimisation and employee engagement are wonderful.”

Steve Banker, VP of Supply Chain Management
ARC Advisory Group

The extraordinary ways the Manhattan Active WM combines industry-leading functionality with state-of-the-art technology. 
The most technologically and operationally advanced WMS ever created.

A cloud-native foundation for supply chain excellence.

The most intelligent approach to optimising order fulfilment.

Behavioral science is driving new levels of employee engagement.

Seamless orchestration of advanced automation and robotics

Applied intelligence makes the supply chain faster, smarter and stronger.

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