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At Manhattan Associates, we not only appreciate individual differences, we believe they help make our culture unique. Each of us has a voice, leading to better collaboration, better innovation and better work experiences. Here are some of the things we offer:


Prism is our global diversity and inclusion strategy, driven by team members, with a passion for creating an innovative and inclusive atmosphere. It represents bringing all our diverse cultures together to form a collective brilliance in an environment where individuals from all backgrounds and experiences can feel comfortable to be themselves.


The Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) has a mission to foster a work environment and culture that supports the talented women in our workforce in achieving their professional and personal goals, maximizing their contribution to Manhattan’s growth and success.


The Manhattan Cultural Network (MCN) celebrates our rich cultural diversity and encourages our diverse and global workforce to better understand each other and work collaboratively through various fun and educational events.

Manhattan Connect

Manhattan Connect provides team members with opportunities to make a difference in our communities. Team members around the world support a range of initiatives that contribute to the environment and the advancement of sustainability, educational programs, animal rescue centers, community food banks, and hospitals and health organizations. Our team members give back, have fun and connect.